Tips on starting a group

You're interested in starting a playgroup, that's wonderful!

You might have small children, or you might just have time to share to get a fantastic initiative going in your local area.


We would suggest that you arrange a time with the activity coordinator or manager to talk through the idea.


Topics to cover include:

  • What do you want to offer

  • How many children / adults should visit

  • Who will you communicate with at the care home and do they need confirmation of numbers?

  • What area will you use? Should you bring your own toys?

  • Will refreshments be provided?

  • Discuss how to protect both young and old against illness.

  • How often will you visit, and for how long? What about school holidays?

  • Insurance and safety - what/who is and is not covered?

If you wish to advertise a group (either current, or one you hope to start) on our map, please email 

  • Location (address & postcode)

  • Name of Group:

  • Type of Group: Playgroup / Music Class / Reading Group / other

  • Contact Name:

  • How should you be contacted (email/phone)

  • Day you meet:

  • Special info: What time / what format does the group take / what to bring / cost etc


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