The difference we make



  • Our groups reduce depression in the elderly and increase their sense of wellbeing

  • We bring people together to form a community and remove social barriers

  • We provide opportunity for older people to reminisce about their younger years

  • Everyone involved experiences joy and love

  • We open doors for people and provide company for those who have little

  • Our groups make people smile and increase happiness levels

For the elderly

They can see and hear the chatter of young children, and share simple activities such as playdough and “play-food” or other pretend activities.  They can feel purpose in reading with children, joining in with the singing and feeling appreciated and included.

For the parents

Hearing the stories from a generation they may not have much contact with. Feeling that they are doing a beneficial activity, and contributing to their community at a time when their opportunities to do so may be limited by the constraints of childcare.  Seeing their children being appreciated and bringing joy installs a sense of parental pride.

For the homes

They are able to position themselves in the market that they offer their residents extra activities which enrich their time during residents.

For Relatives

Knowing that your family member meets children each week and an activity they look forward to can be very reassuring.

Groups do not have to be run by those with small children themselves: If you have time to initiate an activity you might be able to start a group yourself. 

For the children

A realisation that others can be vulnerable and that they can bring happiness to others.  “Can we go play with my friend Margaret and sing songs for her?”

“The children bring joy to my heart”. 


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