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What's Involved


These are regular groups where the same group of parents and children meet each week at the Care Home.  The regularity and routine gives you and your children the chance to form relationships with the residents and each other, making the process far more meaningful than sporadic get-togethers. 

Most groups start with

... a song, sometimes a "Names" song, to introduce everyone.  Everyone brings and shares a couple of toys, sometimes at random, sometimes on a theme.  There's a snack time, where the home provides parents and children with refreshments to keep you going.   All chat is thirsty work!

Near the end the group leader may call "tidy up time" - time to get those legos / jigsaws / trains etc back into your bags!  Groups often finish off

with songs, many favourites with both old and young alike.


As visitors to the Care Home,  parents must remain responsible for their children at all times.  If you spot something you're not happy with you
should let the Group Leader, or the Care Home's activity co-ordinator know.


Your Group Leader / Care Home will let you know their advice regarding illness.  Even if you'd normally attend a playgroup, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to bugs.  This includes following the Care Home's visitor policies, such as signing in and out, or disinfecting hands. 

But here's a bit of information about what goes on in many

All groups are different


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