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At Acorns ‘n’ Oaks, we develop positive social connections and relationships by creating happiness, joy and wellbeing. We do this by bringing children and older people together through intergenerational social groups.


We run weekly play sessions for toddlers and preschool children, in care homes for the elderly. As each group meets weekly, the children and residents quickly form meaningful relationships.  Many residents consider these sessions to be the best part of their week and many families consider it to be their favourite weekly activity.


Everyone brings toys, shares songs, smiles and snacks. There are no rules, those that want to play, play. Those that want to talk, talk. Those that want to sit and observe do just that. Conversations give residents the chance to share their memories, which often acts as therapy for those who sometimes struggle to recollect. Children benefit from the contact with the elderly in a world where Grandparents often lives miles away from their families.


It is easy to join a free taster sessions, register for a group or even start one. We would love you to get involved.

Find out more about hosting our sessions and bringing joy and happiness to your residents.

You can help change people’s lives by donating what you can, helping us to fund raise, or encouraging your business to support us.

Care Homes


“I couldn't believe how much my son interacted with the residents. They love to watch the children play and everyone joins in with the singing, its truly magical to see and I didn't want to leave.”


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