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Hosting intergenerational sessions in your home is easy, and the benefits to your residents will be evident within the first couple of weeks. 

  • Groups reduce depression in the elderly and increase their sense of wellbeing    

  • Bring people together to form a community and remove social barriers

  • Provide opportunity for older people to reminisce about their younger years

  • Everyone involved experiences joy and love

  • Open doors for people and provide company for those who have little

  • Groups make people smile and increase happiness levels     

What happens

Each week, families with children under the age of 5, meet at your residential or care home to play, sing, laugh, cry, get to know each other and build special relationships. Excitement builds as your residents wait for the children to arrive, and after that, anything goes! Nothing is scripted; everything is organic. As the weeks pass, something special happens - both children and residents start looking forward to the next week, as soon as this week’s session finishes

it's Easy

Inviting children in can be easy 

  • Decide how many children (and their responsible adult) you can accommodate

  • Provide a safe venue - often the communal lounge works well

  • Provide a member of staff to supervise your residents (and to remain responsible for them)

  • Offer drinks and a very simple snack

It is recommended that residents are chosen based  on their ability to participate and benefit  from the playgroups; if you suspect that they  might behave inappropriately around children  please do not include them.

Talk about

You might want to start a group in your local home. Arrange a time to meet the manager or activities co-ordinator. Your discussion might cover:

  • What do you want to offer

  • How many children / adults should visit

  • Who will you communicate with at the home and do they need confirmation of numbers?

  • What area will you use? Should you bring your own toys?

  • Will refreshments be provided?

  • Discuss how to protect both young and old against illness.

  • How often will you visit, and for how long? What about school holidays?

Great things we've heard

“Our residents are asking to have breakfast earlier and earlier each Monday as they want to be sure of a seat in the living room when the little-ones come”


 “The children bring joy to my heart”


“Margaret talks about the children between visits and asks when they are coming back”


“I never thought I would hold a baby again”


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