Thinking about being a Group Leader for Acorns 'n' Oaks?

That would be great!

and you would be enriching the lives of so many people

What's involved

Once a week - remind your group (via Facebook or Whatsapp) that it’s on & to bring toys.

At the Group - Take a register.  Be a point of contact with the home and the visitors if one is needed.

As & when - Let us know if your group needs more members

What we will do for you

We will advertise & recruit group members for you. We will help you start an Acorns 'n' Oaks group near your home on a day that suits you & you’ll get a weekly dose of cake / coffee & happiness!


I’m not a parent / my children are grown up

That’s fine - you can still benefit and contribute.  This volunteer post’s for anyone! If you enjoy the company of elderly people and children, that’s all that matters


My child is too small & hard to control!

Once at the group your role is not onerous.  It’s nice if you feel able to lead a little songs / group time at the end, but it is not essential! So long as you can make a note of who is present, and be prepared to chat to other parents, especially if they are new, that’s all that matters.


What would I do if my child is sick & I couldn’t attend?

Happens to us all.  You could nominate a reserve leader, who’s prepared to hold the fort when you’re away.  Sometimes we might have to cancel a week; that’s OK too.


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