Please donate

Please donate what you can to enable our important work to continue

Even the smallest donation can help bring joy to many

What will your donation do?

  • You will help elderly people see and hear the chatter of young children.

  • You will help them feel purpose in reading with children, joining in with the singing and feeling appreciated and included.

  • You will enable parents hear stories from a generation they may not have much contact with. You will help parents become aware that they are doing a beneficial activity and contributing to their community

  • You will help patents see their children being appreciated and will get a sense of parental pride.

  • You will help children realise that others can be vulnerable and that they can bring happiness to others and give them a chance to understand their placement within the world.

 “I never thought I would hold a baby again”

Why do we need your donations?

Up until now everything at Acorns ‘n’ Oaks has happened on a voluntary basis. The 5-strong admin team are voluntary, between them they have self-funded all expenses, all group leaders are volunteers, and care homes receive our playgroups for free.

Given the demand, and the rapid growth of the organisation, we find ourselves at a critical point where we are struggling to operate under the good will of our volunteers, as the workload and associated expenses exceeds what is an appropriate ask of a volunteer team.

We are therefore looking for donations to help continue our work.


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