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Gilly is our founder, having started the first group as a result of seeing her children interacting with residents in our local care home when her neighbour moved in there.  She is a Mathematics Teacher, with a knack for making positive changes by bringing others together.  She has initiated projects in her local community such as a “Safari Lunch” which got many neighbours together in small groups for the first time; a street party, and Playing Out.  She also co-ordinated a “Contact the Elderly” group for five years.


Melissa Lockwood was our first administrative volunteer, starting as a group leader and quickly stepping up to offer more.  She brought her experience of observing social isolation in the elderly population as a community physio.  Her common sense, tact and empathy were clear from the start and her commitment to the organisation has been faultless.  She is organised and business minded.


Christine Betts, whose reliability I knew from volunteering alongside her with Contact The Elderly, willingly took on the role as 3rd director. She has brought a great deal of wisdom and business experience from her career as an employed Barrister.


Aimee started with Acorns ‘n’ Oaks as one of our parents in the Hartclif Group and quickly volunteer her skills as to help us with our administration. She now volunteers throughout the week to help coordinate our group leaders, set up groups in new homes, manage our waiting lists, and being the first person you speak to when you contact us.


Beckie started to volunteer with Acorns ‘n’ Oaks at Easter time 2018. She brings over a decade of experience in marketing and fundraising for community organisations. She is currently dedicating her time to raising funds for us, to see us safely through our exciting time ahead. 


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